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Our Dance School offers a large variety of dance classes for all skill levels. Our experienced instructors are passionate about helping

each dancer achieve their highest potential, while also having as much fun as possible. Have a look at our class schedule below to find

the one that best fits your needs









Led by the owners of the dance school and dedicated instructors Jade & Zoe. Everything learnt in this class will then progress to taking exams before the summer this year. As well as being taught by Jade & Zoe there will also be common workshops with highly experienced UDO teachers sharing their knowledge to our keen young dancers. URBN StreetZ pride themselves in making sure everyone gets individual attention while keeping the class collaborative. Want to find out more? Get in touch with us today!


These classes is a favourite among many of our students, fun exciting classes that originated from the LBD KREW. Both classes will run along the same lines of learning UDO syllabus and performing a big showcase combining choreography from Jade Bale & Zoe Reeves including range of styles from the syllabus such as, hip hop, popping, locking, house, freestyle, breakdance, isolations and so much more.


Whether you’re looking to learn new dance moves or hone in on your existing talent, this class is what you are looking for. The instructor Jade is committed to giving each student attention while also moving the class forward and constantly improving technique. We’re happy to answer any questions you have about this class or any others - simply contact us.



  ADULTZ Only  



If you have a mini superstar who loves to dance around & listen to music why not bring them along to this class, they can learn great dances whilst looking awesome and being in a fun, friendly environment!


This cheeky & fun class led by Jade Bale varies each week wether you fancy a little boogie to classics or strutting your stuff in a heels or chairs class, or even request something of what you fancy this class offers it all!
Take some time out of your busy schedule & come along to have a good boogie, let your hair down & have a right laugh in a class you will love!


Certified Acrobatic Arts Instructor Jade Bale, AcroDance is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique, precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements for age 7+. Acrobatic Arts work closely with renowned Cirque Du Soliel to create an incredible module for students to take exams & gain certifications in a scientifically proven safe controlled manor in order to fulfil young inspired dancers dreams of becoming incredible & versatile dancers/acrobats they see on TV.




This class is important to any student regardless of their desired future in dance or what their favourite style of dance is. This one-hour session is split into two sections, half an hour on technique which is teaching the students the way that a dancers body works and how to look after your body, whilst also getting to know your body. At the same time the technique class teaches them the backbone to dance and movements that all dancers must know and embellish.


This is a new upcoming class and style to the industry, it is called choreography as it doesn't have a set style because it is down to the choreographer and their freedom to choreograph dance as they wish. This class is for those that like to learn new things and like to be really pushed and challenged as a dancer. Jade is very much looking forward to teaching this class and to see what her choreographic training can create!


For any performers that love to dance and constantly wanting to progress, sessions of one to ones with Jade gives them the opportunity to immensely improve, learn new movements and easily showcase their talent as well as prepare themselves for a career in the dance industry. Interested in learning more? Get in contact with any member of our team or directly contact Jade, we’re all happy to answer any questions.



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